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Top 5 burger joints

August 22 2017

No food creation has been more storied, more articled than the hamburger. A sim-ple patty of ground meat, on a simple bun. That’s all it is. However, this deceivingly simple concoction is the most difficult to perfect. When done wrong, it is a major fail. But when done correctly, its deliciousness can be a transcendental experience. Let us take you on journey of our favorite, must-visit burger joints around Dubai.

Give up coffee one day a week

August 17 2017

We all need our caffeine fix in the mornings (and afternoons and evenings, sometimes), but how much could you save if you went without just one day a week?

CBD Now Digital Banking
CBD Now Digital Banking

The 3 films we’re most excited about hitting the cinemas next month

August 17 2017

Everyone loves the movies, especially when you get 50% off at VOX cinemas with your CBD NOW Signature Visa Credit Card. Here are the three big films we’re looking forward to seeing next month (September).

The benefits of free banking

August 01 2017

No one wants to spend money if they don’t have to, so when you can avoid fees or charges, why not take advantage of that option? Here’s how, and here’s why, the benefits of free banking are so great.

CBD Now Places to Dine
CBD Now Places to Dine

Cool places to dine in Dubai

July 16 2017

We all love to eat, and luckily, Dubai is the perfect place for doing just that. Here are our picks for evening hang outs that have a great atmosphere and even greater food.

How to survive Dubai Summer

July 16 2017

We all know summers can be a bit tough on everyone, but it’s a lot tougher for residents of Dubai. The famous “Dubai heat” is a legit warning for tourists and residents take own precautions beforehand. Dubai heat can be dry, sunny and well hot in general. The temperature tends to go high as 48 degree and serious skin and hair damage is done during few months.

CBD Now Summer Tips
CBD Now Music Concerts

5 of the top music concerts you have to see in Dubai this year

July 03 2017

We’re all about live music at CBD NOW, and because we’re helpful, we’ve rounded up some of the best up and coming gigs in Dubai over the next six months. Check these out.

The Best Hidden Coffee Shops in Dubai

July 03 2017

Caffeine lovers, whether you’re an Americano or latte kind of person, it’s time to get together and try out some of the lesser-known coffee shops in Dubai.

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Focus your Interest

May 31 2017

What’s the first thing you look for when looking for a bank account? Well, obviously a paying job first of all! The second thing most sought after are interest rates.

How Paying Bills Online Could Save Your Time in the UAE

May 31 2017

Many people still haven’t transitioned to online payment. But what are the pros and cons of paying your bills online? And why haven’t you done it yet?

Saving money specifically in the UAE

May 28 2017

So in a previous article we talked about general tips on how to save money, but here are some handy tricks and ideas to save money specifically in the UAE.

Why is now the best time to join a mobile bank!

May 18 2017

We hear a lot about mobile banking these days, but what are the main advantages of having your bank on your mobile?

5 Ways to save money in Dubai

May 17 2017

Saving money in Dubai is often seen as an afterthought, mostly because people assume it's too difficult being too difficult. "How can I save when I have so many outgoings?" we hear you cry.

Well, sit back and relax, because CBD NOW has five handy tips that will help your savings grow.

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