The App; The Bank

CBD NOW is a digital only bank, but, like we said before, what does that actually mean? How does that benefit you, the customer? Let us explain.

In a fast-paced region where no one has a spare second, things like banking apps and mobile banking are a lifesaver. And that’s where we come in.

Our mobile banking app lets you do everything you can do in a branch, except you don’t even have to leave your sofa. You do your banking on your mobile, wherever you are, at whatever time, and it’s all instant. No more waiting around, no more cancelling plans to visit your local branch and no more queues. The future is here, and it’s all in one handy app.


  • Apply for an account, credit card and Save Now account
  • View your balances & statements

Transfers & payments

  • Transfer funds locally & internationally
  • Pay a bill – DEWA, DU, Etisalat, Salik, SEWA, AADC & FEWA
  • Fast and secure online payments available with Visa Checkout


  • Track your budget
  • View your account balance & recent transactions


  • Activate your debit / credit card
  • Set your debit / credit card PIN
  • Find the nearest CBD NOW branch or ATM
  • Read CBD NOW FAQs
  • Send us a comment, suggestion or complaint
  • Invite a friend to CBD NOW

Manage your money

  • Track your budget
  • Set up bill reminders
  • View your expenses by spend category
  • Set up a budget
  • Smart notifications to stay on top of your spending and savings
  • Activity feed for a 360 view of all incomings + outgoings