NOW Visa Signature Credit Card

With 0% interest for a year on balance transfers plus tons of great offers and benefits, this card lets you focus on the more important things in life.

Just sign up and leave the rest up to us.


0% interest when you transfer your credit card balance and no annual fees*.

Convert purchases to 0% payment plans.

Earn as you spend! Choose from cashback, Emirates Skyward or Etihad Guest miles.

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50% VOX cinema tickets.

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Free Valtrans valet parking.

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Free access to 500 VIP lounges across the world.

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Free credit card, no yearly membership fee.

Fees & Charges

*Terms and conditions apply

Transfer and Save

Simply transfer your existing credit card balance
and get 0% interest up to 12 months and 0 annual fees


Other bank credit card

Balance on your card
Monthly interest rate
Annual fee

CBD NOW credit card

Balance transferred
Our interest rate CBD NOW
Our annual fee CBD NOW

Estimated saving over 12 months

Disclaimer: This calculator gives estimated savings only and is only used for illustrative purposes. Your existing card balance may be made up of amounts attracting different rates. Savings shown can only be calculated on the rate you provided and on the balance transferred from your card, assuming that minimum repayments are made in line with CBDNOW terms and conditions.

Made with love
in the UAE

CBD NOW is the first digital bank in the UAE, powered by the Commercial Bank of Dubai.

Our mission is to make banking simple, smart and transparent.

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Say hello to a new banking experience

Simple. Smart. Transparent.

Limited time

Lifestyle experiences

Join today and activate your debit card to get a unique lifestyle experience voucher of your choice worth up to AED 300, first come – first served!

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You’ll get to do the things you love. So whether you fancy an amazing concert or a day driving round a racetrack, we’ve got you covered. It’s FREE!

Why are we offering this? Because we’re starting a banking revolution, that’s why.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to transfer my salary?


What are the fees and charges?

You can check out fees and charges here, but don’t worry – we’re entirely up front with everything.

Why the CBD NOW Visa Signature Credit Card?

It’s not just our 0% interest rate on balance transfers that makes our Visa Signature Credit Card the best credit card in Dubai, or the entire UAE for that matter. It’s everything else that comes with it, too.

A rate of 2.99% on purchases, access to our state of the art CBD NOW mobile banking app and access to our Easy Payment Plans.

To find out more about our EP plans, where you can consolidate your balance into easy monthly payments, click here.

How do I transfer my balance ?

You can contact our call center 600 575 556 or fill the requirements in the credit card application form.


"The best credit card in the UAE, without a doubt!"

Nadim D.

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  • 100% Mobile and easy application
  • No salary transfer required