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About Us

What is CBD NOW?

CBD NOW is the UAE’s first digital-only bank.

It will redefine your banking experience. It offers you a smart, seamless and personalized digital bank, allowing you to perform all financial services via your smartphone. You can set up and manage your accounts through our intuitive CBD NOW app.

Say goodbye to yesterday's banking and instead live in the NOW.

What is digital banking?

Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve all heard about digital banks and how everything is done online these days, but what does that actually mean?

CBD NOW is UAE’s first digital only bank, but, like we said before, what does that actually mean? How does that benefit you, the customer? Let us explain.

In a fast-paced region where no one has a spare second, things like banking apps and mobile banking are a lifesaver. And that’s where we come in.

Our mobile banking app lets you do everything you can do in a branch, except you don’t even have to leave your sofa. You do your banking on your mobile, wherever you are, at whatever time, and it’s all instant. No more waiting around, no more cancelling plans to visit your local branch and no more queues. The future is here, and it’s all in one handy app.

Our App

What can I do on the app?

Our app allows you to enjoy effortless banking anywhere anytime. Try setting up some of the handy app features, including:

Smart Notifications - Helping you make better decisions to get more out of life! Budget & Expense Trackers - Designed to help you take control of your money NOW.

Plus, you can do your everyday banking on the go, including viewing your balances & statements, checking your transaction history, making payments, transferring money locally and internationally and locating your nearest ATM.

Do I have to have a smartphone to use the app?

Yes, the app works across iOS and Android smartphone devices. You can download the app from Apple App Store Apple iTunes or Google Play.

Can I download the app on two different phones?

No. Only one device will be authorized and linked to your CBD NOW account (at any given point in time for security purposes). You can only login to your account from that particular device.

Is the app secure?

We value your banking security and have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your personal and account information. We recommend you use a secure password (no birthdays!) or set up Touch ID during the app registration process.

How do I set up Touch ID?

As long as your phone has finger print identification technology, you can set it up during the app registration process or simply visit the 'Settings' page in the app menu (Settings > Security Settings > Enable Touch ID for Login).

What should I do if I forget my app password?

When you next go to login to the app, on the first page you will see 'Forgot password'. Simply follow the instructions to reset your password.

I can’t seem to login to the app?

You may be using the incorrect login details or the app may be locked after multiple login attempts. We can easily fix that, simply call our customer service team on +971 600 575 556 and they'll help you reset your login details.

Can I use the app abroad?

Yes. The app only needs an internet connection and can be used in most countries.

Is the app available on my desktop PC?

No, the app is only available on your smartphone. Enjoy effortless mobile banking anywhere anytime!

What is secure token?

A Secure Token is an application that works without the need for internet to generate a 6-digits Pass-code that you will need for Online Banking transactions.Secure Token can be downloaded in your CBD NOW APP.

How to request for secure token?

1. Download CBD NOW app from Apple store or Google Play
2. Go to Settings form the main menu
3. Click on Register for Secure Token
4. Link your Secure Token
5. Set up Secure Token PIN

How to set up secure token PIN?

You will get the screen to setup your secure Token PIN after your Register for Secure Token in CBD NOW. If you have physical Secure Token or RSA Token App, please follow below steps: Log in to Online Banking and go to Services page.

Under Online Settings, select “Token PIN Generation” from Request Type drop down menu. Enter token pass-code (6 digit number displayed on your hard or digital token) and click on submit. Enter the new four digits PIN and confirm the same.

How to use secure token?

Enter 4 digit token PIN followed by token pass-code (6 digit number displayed on your mobile banking login screen, on your physical token or on your RSA Token).

When we can use secure token?

You'll need to use it for all your online transactions that require additional layer of authentication:

  • Setting up new beneficiaries
  • Transferring funds to other CBD accounts, other UAE banks and international transfer
  • Cheque book request
  • Resetting your online banking credentials

Our Accounts

What accounts and cards do you offer?

Our accounts have been designed to help you better control your finances. There are currently two types of accounts and one credit card available:

Live NOW account

  • A current account designed to help you love the moments in life.
  • Access your statements with the CBD NOW mobile app.
  • In-app smart notifications, and SMS alerts.
  • Earn reward points on your monthly balance.
  • No minimum balance required.

Save NOW account

  • A savings account created to assist you in achieving your life goals.
  • Earn 1.75% interest for the first 9 months on your monthly balances.
  • No minimum account balance or account maintenance charges.
  • Manage your account with the CBD NOW mobile app.

NOW Visa Signature credit cards

  • A credit card with incredible benefits that allow you to worry less about your finances.
  • 0% interest for up to 12 months on balance transfers from UAE credit cards.
  • Easy payment plan with 0% interest for up to 12 months.
  • Free access to over 500 international VIP airport lounges.
  • 50% off VOX cinema tickets.
  • Free Valtrans valet parking.
  • Low interest rate starting from 2.25% per month on purchases.
  • Cashback or Emirates Skywards Miles points for every dirham you spend.

For more details on interest rate, please visit the 'Our Accounts' page in the app menu.

How do I apply for an account?

Easy! Download our app and follow the simple application process. You can open a Live NOW account on the app.

What makes a good savings account?

The best savings account available to you usually has a few key characteristics. Here’s what to look out for: interest rate, minimum allowed balances, fees and lengths of any particular offer/introductory rate.

And we’re confident our CBD NOW Save NOW savings account ticks all of those boxes. You’ll get an incredible 2.5% p.a. interest on your average monthly balance for 9 months, along with no fees.

Once you open your savings account with CBD NOW all you have to do is sit back and watch your money grow.

Why do I need a current account? What should I be looking for?

A current account is your staple account with a bank; look at it as your starter bank account. Once you’ve got a current account, you can apply for further things such as credit cards, savings accounts and loans.

There are a few things you want from your current account. First up, make sure there are no sneaky hidden charges or fees (hint: our Live NOW current account doesn’t have either, check ours out here. Next, see the rates the account offers and make sure it’s what you’re expecting.

Finally, it’s all down to service. Things like a great mobile banking app, free welcome experiences, being able to send money – even internationally, pay bills through your phone and generally do things quickly and easily are all things you want to look out for.

Why the CBD NOW Visa Signature Credit Card?

It’s not just our 0% interest rate on balance transfers that makes our Visa Signature Credit Card the best credit card in Dubai, or the entire UAE for that matter. It’s everything else that comes with it, too.

There’s the incredibly low interest rate of 2.25% on purchases, access to our state of the art CBD NOW mobile banking app, no fees on balance transfers and access to our Easy Payment Plans.

To find out more about our EP plans, where you can consolidate your balance into easy monthly payments, click here.

Am I eligible to open an account?

To open a Live NOW account you need to earn a salary of AED 10,000+ each month and be at least 21yrs old. You also need to be a UAE resident or GCC national and be able to present the requested documentation.

All Live NOW account holders are eligible to also open a Save NOW account.

You will be asked if you want to open a CBD NOW Visa Signature Credit Card during the Live NOW account application process. You need to be earning AED 10,000+ each month, and will be asked additional questions about your financial status. Applications are also subject to an Al Etihad Credit Bureau credit check.

Can I have a new Save NOW account with CBD NOW without the requirement of holding a Live NOW account?

Unfortunately, you can't open a Save NOW account without first having an approved Live NOW or Commercial Bank of Dubai Current account open.

Can I open a joint account with CBD NOW?

We don’t yet offer joint accounts, however stay tuned as we hope to in the near future.

What fees, charges and interest rates apply to the CBD NOW accounts?

You can check all fees and charges on our website, just click here to have a look.

Do you offer loans and mortgages?

We don't yet offer loans and mortgages, but Commercial Bank of Dubai does. To find out more please visit and select the 'Loans' tab in the navigation bar.

Do you have a range of Islamic products?

We don't yet offer Islamic products, however Commercial Bank of Dubai offers the Attijari Al Islami range of Islamic accounts and products. Please visit for more information.

Can I open an account even though I'm not a UAE resident yet?

Just arrived? Let us make your transition easier! Take advantage of the Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD NOW's mother brand) account designed for expats.

Get the benefits that will help you settle in faster, including:

  • Free international transfers
  • Free Uber rides
  • Free public transport card
  • Free dining with MasterCard Buy 1 Get 1
  • Earn rewards points
Learn more

How does interest on my Save NOW account work?

Glad you asked! Interest earned for Save NOW account is prorated. Which means you earn interest on the days you have money in your account. For example, if a month is 30 days long and for the first 5 days you have no money in your account, but deposit money on the 6th day, and that balance remains in your account until the end of the month, you’ll earn interest on those 25 days.

What interest do I earn in the month that I close my Save NOW account?

Unfortunately, we can't pay interest for the month you close your account, as you haven't completed a full month for us to prorate your average monthly balance.

To receive interest on your balance when you close your account, what we suggest is that you wait until the 1st of the following month to close it. For example, if it's January and you want to close your Save NOW account, wait until February 1st to close it so you can receive the full month's interest for January.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance for a Live Now and/or Save Now account?

Nope! No minimum balance required.

What is the meaning of monthly average balance?

This can seem a little complicated, but don’t worry, it’s simple.

Your average monthly balance is the average of all your balances at the end of each day of that particular month. So if you have an AED 5,000 balance at the end of every day in a month that has 30 days, you add all of those balances together and divide it by 30 (number of days that month).

What is the difference between minimum balance and monthly average balance?

Again, super easy once you know how each works.

Your minimum balance is the minimum amount of money you need to have in your account at all times. But don't worry no minimum balance required.

Your monthly average balance is all of your balances at the end of each day added together, and divided by the number of days there were in that month.

Our Cards

I just opened an account on your app. When will I receive my debit card & cheque book?

Once you’ve submitted your application one of our team will be in touch with you shortly. They'll find a convenient time to come and visit you in person. They will present you with your debit card and welcome pack, and have a quick check of your documentation. Your cheque book will be mailed out to you shortly afterwards.

What type of cards will I get?

You will receive a MasterCard as your Live NOW debit card. You credit card will be a VISA Signature.

How do I activate my card?

Simply register your account on our app. You'll also be prompted to set up your card PIN too.

How do I activate and setup my PIN for my debit card or credit card?

Easy. You can activate and set up your debit card PIN during the app registration process. For credit cards, simply visit the 'Settings' page in the app menu once you are logged in.

How do I change my PIN for my debit card or credit card?

You can change your PIN numbers are anytime by going to the 'Settings' page in the app menu.

What should I do if I forgot my card PIN?

No problem, just call our customer service team on +971 600 575 556 and they'll help you reset your PIN.

Help, I've lost my card!

Tell us straight away! Please contact us on +971 600 575 556 for assistance. We're available 24hours a day.

My card is expiring soon what do I do?

We’re already on to it! We will mail you your new card prior to the expiry date. If you have any queries, please call our customer service team on +971 600 575 556 for assistance.

Our Existing Commercial Bank of Dubai Customers

Can I apply for a CBD NOW account if I am an existing Commercial Bank of Dubai customer?

Sure you can! Please download the CBD NOW app, login with your existing CBD mobile app username and password and start applying.

You can open a CBD NOW Live NOW account.

You're also more than welcome to open a Save NOW account.

Can I view my existing Commercial Bank of Dubai accounts within the new CBD NOW app?

Yes, we'd love for you to start using the handy features in our new app. Please download the CBD NOW app and login with your existing Commercial Bank of Dubai mobile app username and password.

Banking With Us

What is my IBAN?

You can see your IBAN and all your account information by clicking on the account bubble on your dashboard.

How can I change my contact details?

You can update your email address and PO Box by calling us on +971 600 575 556. For any other personal information changes, please visit your nearest Commercial Bank of Dubai branch.

Commercial Bank of Dubai Branch locations

How will I receive my account statement?

You can see your monthly statements and all your transactions by clicking on the account bubble on your dashboard.

How do I withdraw cash?

You can withdraw cash from your Live NOW account at any Commercial Bank of Dubai ATM (up to AED 10,000) or other bank's ATMs (up to AED 5,000). If you need to withdraw an amount greater than your daily limit, then please visit any of the Commercial Bank of Dubai branches.

You have not been issued with a debit card for your Save NOW account. We don't permit cash withdrawals from this account and encourage you to grow your savings. You can make a transfer into your Live NOW account and then you can use our ATMs to make the withdrawal.

How can I deposit cash into my account?

Most of the Commercial Bank of Dubai ATMs have cash deposit facilities. You can use our app to locate your nearest ATM. Just visit the 'Nearby ATM' page in the app menu.

How is interest calculated on my Live NOW and Save NOW account?

These accounts allow you to earn interest on your average monthly balances;

Interest is accrued and paid on your average balances at the end of each calendar month.

Interest is paid to you based on which tier you fall into. Your tier is determined on two factors; the value of your average monthly balance and the time period that you have held the account with the bank. Please see the interest rate table on the CBD NOW app.

Interest is calculated based on how your total average monthly balance falls across the tiers (as shown in the interest rate table). The value of your balance may fall across multiple tiers. Interest is paid as per the respective tier rates that are valid for that month.

Interest rates and earning rules may change from time to time (subject to our sole discretion) and will be updated on the CBD NOW app and website.

Only ‘fresh funds’ may be deposited into these accounts. 'Fresh fund' is defined as money that is brought in to your account from outside of CBD NOW and Commercial Bank of Dubai. We reserve the right to revoke any interest paid on your average monthly balance if it is not made up of fresh funds.

Where do I go for help?

Hmm, we thought we’d answered every question within these FAQs!

Can I visit or use Commercial Bank of Dubai branches and ATMs?

Of course! Whilst as a digital only bank you can do everything you need to do within the CBD NOW mobile banking app, we know sometimes you need assistance face to face (or need to use an ATM).

As a CBD NOW customer, you can use all Commercial Bank of Dubai branches as normal: though please be aware you cannot start an application at a branch.

To find a Commercial Bank of Dubai branch near you, use our branch locator: here

How can I update my Emirates ID information?

You can easily update your Emirates ID information at any time directly from the CBD NOW app by clicking on the settings menu. Once your Emirates ID expires we will also notify you to provide us with the new copy. If we don’t previously have your Emirates ID in our database then you will need to provide the original through any of our CBD branches.

Why do I need to update my Emirates ID?

As per the UAE Central Bank requirements we are mandated to ensure all customer records are up to date.

Your Transfers & Payments

How can I transfer money?

It's so easy. You can use our app to transfer your money either locally or internationally by:

  • Select 'Transfers' from the app menu
  • Select your preferred type of transfer
  • Choose an existing beneficiary or create a new one
  • Enter the transfer details and that’s it!

How do I edit or delete a beneficiary?

You can update or remove a beneficiary by:

  • Select 'Settings' from the app menu
  • Select 'Manage Beneficiaries'
  • Select either 'Transfers' or 'Payments'
  • Edit or delete the beneficiary you wish to update

How can I pay a bill?

Payment in the palm of your hand! You can use our app to pay your bills by:

  • Select 'Payments' from the app menu
  • Select the company you wish to pay
  • Enter the payment details and it's done!

How can I pay my NOW Visa Signature credit card bill?

You can use the app to pay your credit card bill by:

  • Select the 'Payments' from the app menu
  • Select 'My CBD credit cards'
  • Enter the payment details to complete the bill payment

What is VISA Checkout and how do I register?

Visa Checkout fasten and simplify your online shopping experience by saving your VISA card details and your personal details (e.g. shipping addresses) in a secure digital wallet. Every time you make an online purchase on a VISA Checkout participating website, VISA Checkout will automatically fill all your VISA card details and addresses for you. It is completely secure and a faster way to purchase online. All CBD NOW customers can register their VISA card and personal details. For more details please visit Visa Checkout website.

How do I transfer my balance ?

You can contact our call center 600 575 556 or fill the requirements in the credit card application form.

What do I need to transfer money to CBDNOW ?

  • Bank name: Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Bank address: Commercial Bank of Dubai, Al Wasl Road, Thanya Road Junction, Umm Suqeim 3
  • Swift code: CBDUAEAD

Reward Points

How do I collect NOW Rewards on my NOW Visa Signature credit card?

Every time you spend a dirham with your card, you earn up to 2.5 NOW Rewards points.

Amount spend-1AEDPoints earned
Retail grocery purchase 1 Point
Govt. spend0.50 Point
Other UAE purchase2 Points
Other international purchase2.5 Points

How do I collect NOW Rewards with my Live NOW and Save NOW accounts?

If you have an incremental minimum average balance of AED 10,000 in your account, you earn 30 points from your LIVE NOW account and 20 points from your SAVE NOW account on every AED 1,000.

ProductPoints earned on every 1000
Live NOW account 30 Points
Save NOW account20 Points

What other ways are there for me to collect NOW Reward points?

  • First-time registration through CBD NOW app gives you 500 NOW Rewards points.
  • Setting up your first bill payment beneficiary after you register gets you 250 NOW Rewards points.
  • The first 5 bill payment transactions in any given month give you 50 NOW rewards points for each bill payment.
  • Each international transfer of AED 5,000 or more gives you 500 NOW rewards points.

What is the minimum number of redeemable NOW Reward points?

You should have a minimum of 10,000 NOW Reward points to be able to redeem.

Where is the NOW Rewards section on the CBD NOW app?

Tap the ‘+’ and enable rewards to be displayed on the dashboard or check out the NOW Rewards section in the menu.

How do I keep track of my NOW Reward points?

Everything you need to know about points accumulated and redeemed is always displayed in the NOW Rewards section of the CBD NOW app.

How can I redeem my NOW Rewards points for Emirates Skywards Miles or Etihad Guest Miles?

In order to redeem your points for Emirates Skywards or Etihad Guest Miles, you should be a member with either Emirates or Etihad. Log in to CBD NOW mobile app and access the NOW Rewards section to redeem your points.

Can I redeem my NOW Rewards points for Emirates Skywards Miles or Etihad Guest Miles to another person's account?

Of course! Simply provide a valid account number and your request will be processed.

How many NOW Rewards points are equal to 1 Emirates Skywards Miles or Etihad Guest Miles?

14 NOW Rewards points = 1 mile.

How can I redeem my NOW Rewards points for cashback?

You can redeem your points as cashback towards your CBD or CBD NOW credit cards. No credit card with us? No problem! You can redeem your NOW Rewards points into any of your savings or current accounts with us.

How long will it take for the Rewards points to be credited to my account?

  • For cashback, up to 2 days to credit the money in your account.
  • For Emirates Skywards Miles or Etihad Guest Miles, up to 7 days to credit the miles.

What is the conversion rate between AED and NOW Rewards points?

1 reward point = 0.0065 AED

Is there a time limit within which I must redeem my NOW Rewards points?

Yes, there is a time limit that is up to 31st December of the subsequent year. For example, points earned during year 2017 will expire on 31st of December 2018.

Under what circumstances may I not be eligible to redeem my NOW Rewards points?

In case of irregular payments, card cancellation or your card being blocked for any reason.

Free Banking Till 2020

What is free banking till 2020?

It is what it says it is. It is the waiving of all charges levered by CBD NOW till 2020 for clients who transfer their salary

What will be free exactly?

FREE banking privileges includes free unlimited local and international transfers.

Free ATM withdrawal from any ATMs in the UAE.

FREE cheque books, standing order instructions and demand/manager's cheque.

What are the requirements of the campaign?

Simply transfer your salary to your CBD NOW LIVE NOW account and all free banking privileges are yours.

Can I use free banking privileges in all my accounts?

Unfortunately, free banking benefits only apply in your LIVE NOW account.

What happens if I want to transfer my salary to my other LIVE NOW account?

No worries, as soon as you transfer your salary to your other LIVE NOW account, all the free banking benefits start to apply in this account too!

How can I transfer my salary?

Easy! All you have to do is request a salary transfer to your LIVE NOW account from your employer. That’s it! If a clearance letter is requested, go to the bank currently transferring your salary and ask them for a clearance letter. When you get the letter, take it to your employer and you are set. Don't worry, once you submit your salary transfer request, you will receive an email explaining all the required steps including the letter your employer would need.

I am an existing CBD NOW customer, am I eligible for this campaign?

Of course! Everyone is more than welcome to transfer their salaries and get free banking privileges. All you have to do is to submit your request and transfer your salary.

I am an existing CBD NOW customer, and I have transferred my salary to CBD NOW already. I am eligible for this campaign?

Unfortunately this campaign is only valid for customer transferring their salary after the campaign start date on ‘29/07/2017’.

I am an existing CBD customer, and I have transferred my salary to CBD already. I am eligible for this campaign?

Unfortunately this campaign is only valid for CBDNow Live Now account customers transferring their salary after the campaign start date on ‘29/07/2017’.

How can I opt for the free banking offer?

If you are not a customer yet, go ahead and start applying through our app, you will see the campaign details at the end, just click the "I am interested" button and we will help you out every step of the way.

If you are an existing customer, go to the top-right menu in the app, select "Free Banking Offer" and select "I am interested" button.

Are international transfers really free?

All charges levered by CBD NOW are waived. However, as it is not initiated or controlled by CBD NOW, there will be correspondence bank charges during international transfers.

Can I transfer my salary to CBD NOW if I have a loan with another bank?

If you have loan with other bank and if you have committed to transfer your salary till the loan is totally paid, you cannot transfer salary to CBD NOW.

I thought banking was already free, what is the advantage?

You can open an account for free and get LIVE NOW, SAVE NOW accounts and Visa Signature Credit Card for free.

Where can I find my IBAN number?

Your IBAN and all your account information are available whenever you need them. Just click on the account bubble on your dashboard.

I get paid bi-monthly, am I still eligible?

As long as your total salary is more than AED 10,000, you are eligible.

I have transferred my salary but I am still getting charged, what’s wrong?

Please contact customer support at: 04 348 6666. One of our agents will be there to assist you every step of the way.

I am self-employed, am I eligible?

Unfortunately, this promotion is available for salaried / employed customers only.