CBDNow Free BankingCBDNow Free Banking

FREE banking until 2020 and a chance to win 2X your salary!

When you transfer your salary

What does "FREE banking" actually mean?

CBDNow Free Banking
  • CBDNow Transfer

    FREE local and international transfers.

  • CBDNow cheque

    FREE cheque books.

  • CBDNow credit

    Up to AED 1,200 credit to spend at Virgin Megastore or Dreamdays.

  • CBDNow ATM

    FREE ATM withdrawals anywhere in the UAE.

  • CBDNow order

    FREE standing orders.

  • 2 times your salary

    A chance to WIN 2 times your salary every month.

CBDNow Free Banking

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How do you get started?

CBDNow Free Banking

CBDNow Free Banking

CBDNow Free Banking


SMS me the link

(you'll be asked during the application process
if you would like to transfer your salary)

CBDNow Free Banking

Accounts and cards

Introducing CBD NOW's awesome accounts and Visa credit card, jam-packed with exceptional launch benefits.

Already banking with us?

Simply head to your CBD NOW dashboard, click the menu in the top right and select the option for "FREE banking offer".

*Vouchers are limited in quantity and are offered on a first-come first-serve basis even if you are eligible for a voucher.

"Absolutely perfect in every way"

"Best service I have ever got from any UAE bank"

"Account open in just 3 hours! Amazing"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is free banking till 2020?

It is what it says it is. It is the waiving of all charges levered by CBD NOW till 2020 for clients who transfer their salary.

What will be free exactly?

FREE banking privileges includes free unlimited local and international transfers.

FREE ATM withdrawal from any ATMs in the UAE.

FREE cheque books.

FREE standing order instructions.

FREE demand/manager's cheque.

Up to AED 1200 in FREE vouchers that can be used with iTunes, Virgin Megastore concerts and gaming, Mouth-watering dining experiences, Breathtaking sporting events.

What are the requirements of the campaign?

Simply transfer your salary to your CBD NOW LIVE NOW account and all free banking privileges are yours.

Can I use free banking privileges in all my accounts?

Unfortunately, free banking benefits only apply in your LIVE NOW account.

What happens if I want to transfer my salary to my other LIVE NOW account?

No worries, as soon as you transfer your salary to your other LIVE NOW account, all the free banking benefits start to apply in this account too!

How can I get a chance to win 2 times my salary?

Every month you transfer your salary to your CBD NOW Live NOW account you will be eligible to enter a monthly prize draw for a chance to win back 2 times your salary.For detailed terms and conditions please click here

How can I transfer my salary?

Easy! All you have to do is request a salary transfer to your LIVE NOW account from your employer. That’s it! If a clearance letter is requested, go to the bank currently transferring your salary and ask them for a clearance letter. When you get the letter, take it to your employer and you are set. Don't worry, once you submit your salary transfer request, you will receive an email explaining all the required steps including the letter your employer would need. To submit your request: Join NOW in 5 Minutes

I am an existing CBD NOW customer, am I eligible for this campaign?

Of course! Everyone is more than welcome to transfer their salaries and get free banking privileges. All you have to do is to submit your request and transfer your salary.

I am an existing CBD NOW customer, and I have transferred my salary to CBD NOW already. I am eligible for this campaign?

Unfortunately this campaign is only valid for customers who are not transferring their salary.

How can I opt for the free banking offer?

If you are not a customer yet, go ahead and start applying through our app, you will see the campaign details at the end, just click the "I am interested" button and we will help you out every step of the way.

If you are an existing customer, go to the top-right menu in the app, select "Free Banking Offer" and select "I am interested" button.

How do I redeem my vouchers?

As soon as your first salary is deposited, you will receive a link to redeem your vouchers. Go to this link, verify your mobile number, select your voucher(s), confirm and redeem!

Didn’t receive the message? No worries, any time when you go to "Free Banking Offer” on the top right menu, you can access a link to receive the SMS!

Can I use many vouchers for the same experience?

Unfortunately, your vouchers can only be used one at a time.

Are international transfers really free?

All charges levered by CBD NOW are waived. However, as it is not initiated or controlled by CBD NOW, there will be correspondence bank charges during international transfers.

Can I transfer my salary to CBD NOW if I have a loan with another bank?

If you have loan with other bank and if you have committed to transfer your salary till the loan is totally paid, you cannot transfer salary to CBD NOW.

I thought banking was already free, what is the advantage?

You can open an account for free and get LIVE NOW, SAVE NOW accounts and Visa Signature Credit Card for free. Check other charges through our schedule of changes table: Fees and Charges

I cannot find my voucher email, how can I get it?

Make sure you click the link we sent you via SMS then follow the steps, select your vouchers and then check your inbox in a few minutes, if you don’t see anything, check your spam or promotion folder. In case of any problems, do not hesitate to contact customer support at: 04 348 6666

Where can I find my IBAN number?

Your IBAN and all your account information are available whenever you need them. Just click on the account bubble on your dashboard.

I get paid bi-monthly, am I still eligible?

As long as your total salary is more than AED 10,000, you are eligible.

I have transferred my salary but I am still getting charged, what’s wrong?

Please contact customer support at: 04 348 6666. One of our agents will be there to assist you every step of the way.

I am self-employed, am I eligible?

Unfortunately, this promotion is available for salaried / employed customers only.

I am an existing CBD customer, and I have transferred my salary to CBD already. I am eligible for this campaign?

Unfortunately this campaign is only valid for customers who are not transferring their salary.