Here’s what we believe…

Say goodbye to yesterday's banking and instead join UAE’s first digital bank. We're leading a movement for smarter banking powered by your ideas. Here's what we believe:

Posted by CBD NOW on Monday, January 9, 2017

Our Story

Everything is changing, why isn’t banking?

Just ten years ago, who would’ve thought you’d be able to fit your entire favorite music collection right in your pocket? Or carry around a 16 megapixel camera, ready to Instagram your favourite moments in an instant? Technology has impacted every aspect of our daily life, however we’re still asked to go to a bank branch to make a simple money transfer!

The 21st century cannot operate with 15th century banking models.

Say goodbye to yesterday’s banking, and instead live in the NOW

Banking should be based around your needs, catering to your demands with instant, smart, and flexible notifications. It should be seamless, personalized, and allow you to manage your finances from anywhere at any time. It needs to be intuitively designed to help you get more out of your money, so you can love the moments in life.


We believe the ways of banking and how banks serve people has to change, starting by putting your voices front and center! The bank needs to revolve around your needs, not you around it. It needs to follow you, instead of you following it. It needs to take your voice in shaping solutions, not develop products based on its own needs. It needs to be transparent and direct with you, not ambiguous and difficult. At the end of the day, banks are about serving you. How well are they doing this today?

Our Purpose

We recognize this is the most diverse, educated generation, where traditional banking doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why our purpose is to a lead a movement that allows you to have a bigger voice on how your finances are managed. CBD NOW is determined to provide you with the most personalized, innovative, and convenient financial solutions where you control your finances.

Our Purpose

How do we do this?

We simply help you better manage your financial life without the burden of self-directed budgeting. Built on a backbone of smart notifications, mobile tools like our budget & expense tracker, and NOW rewards & offers (things that you’ll really want!) – good for your wealth, not just ours.