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Enjoy 1.75% p.a. interest on your savings

  • No restrictions, you can top up your savings and withdraw them whenever you like.
  • Move money in seconds through our smart app.
  • Always know where your finances are at with smart notifications.
  • Watch your money grow and save for your moment.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • 100s of FREE amazing discounts

Fees & Charges

Average monthly balancesAccounts Opened prior 01.11.2017
Interest rate % p.a.
Accounts Opened on or after 01.11.2017
Interest rate % p.a.
Up to AED 500,000
(first 9 months)
Up to AED 500,000
(after 9 months)
Above AED 500,0000.10%0.10%

*Published interest rates can vary from time to time.


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CBD NOW is the first digital bank in the UAE, powered by the Commercial Bank of Dubai.

Our mission is to make banking simple, smart and transparent.

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Frequently asked questions

What makes a good savings account?

The best savings account available to you usually has a few key characteristics. Here’s what to look out for: interest rate, minimum allowed balances, fees and lengths of any particular offer/introductory rate.

And we’re confident our CBD NOW Save NOW savings account ticks all of those boxes. You’ll get a 1.75% p.a. interest on your average monthly balance for 9 months, along with no fees.

Once you open your savings account with CBD NOW all you have to do is sit back and watch your money grow.

Do I need to transfer my salary?


What are the fees and charges?

You can check out fees and charges here, but don’t worry – we’re entirely up front with everything.

Do I need to apply for a Live NOW account also?

You do indeed. You can’t open a Save NOW account without having a Live NOW account.

Why do I need a current account? What should I be looking for?

A current account is your staple account with a bank; look at it as your starter bank account. Once you’ve got a current account, you can apply for further things such as credit cards, savings accounts and loans.

There are a few things you want from your current account. First up, make sure there are no sneaky hidden charges or fees (hint: our Live NOW current account doesn’t have either, check ours out here. Next, see the rates the account offers and make sure it’s what you’re expecting.

Finally, it’s all down to service. Things like a great mobile banking app, free welcome experiences, being able to send money – even internationally, pay bills through your phone and generally do things quickly and easily are all things you want to look out for.

Why the CBD NOW Visa Signature Credit Card?

It’s not just our 0% interest rate on balance transfers that makes our Visa Signature Credit Card the best credit card in Dubai, or the entire UAE for that matter. It’s everything else that comes with it, too.

There’s the incredibly low interest rate of 2.25% on purchases, access to our state of the art CBD NOW mobile banking app and access to our Easy Payment Plans.

To find out more about our EP plans, where you can consolidate your balance into easy monthly payments, click here.


"I will earn AED 1,375 with this account, I can’t believe it!"

Anjali D.

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